DIY Christmas Calendar

02_Cal_natFor this project need:
. gift card
. baking paper
. pencil
. scissors
. sewing machine
. white acrylic color
. ruler with numbers
Step 1 : draw on the baking paper and cut out a heart. Dimensions of mine are 17×13, but you can choose the size  that    you prefer
Step 2 : basing on our hearts cut out the hearts from gifts wrapping paper
Step 3 : to give a vintage style to the heart, color the  front side in not too much accurate way
Step 4 : with a ruler with the numbers draw numbers on the hearts, from 1St to 25. You can also do it with free hand
Step 5 : start to sew the back  to front of the heart
Step 6 : before to close at all put treats, some note or gift from the corner. I ‘ve putted indications for gifts to open, as not all gifts enter into paper hearts
Step 7 : finish the seam. On the upper part cut a little hole with scissors to pass the wire. I used special tools to define the hole .
Step 8 : hang all your little hearts on a wooden base and decorate.



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